Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Engraved Buck 110 Pocket Knife with Handle Inlay - $350 SOLD!

For those of you that watched the video, you already have the full picture. This knife was hammer and chisel engraved by hand with a design of oak leaves and acorns. I also cut out a matching brass medallion which is set into the handle. All the engraving is infilled with black enamel to contrast the polished brass.

Full Video Demonstration

I learned hammer and chisel engraving from my father who has been at the craft since before I was born. Seeing this from a young age I was naturally interested in learning it myself. Most of my engraving has been practice and production engraving. This is my first start to finish project where I chose the piece, designed and engraved the bolsters. I also chose to cut out and engrave a medallion and inlay it into the handle.

I have this knife's "Buy Now" button set to a quantity of one. Once it is sold the button will no longer function. Shipping is included with the purchase for U.S. addresses only. If you are an international buyer, actual shipping will be charged. Again, U.S. shipping is free.

Price- $350 (SOLD) 
Includes padded zipper case and Buck Sheath