Thursday, February 15, 2018

Making a Living My Way - Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Making furniture is how I make a living. It has afforded me the freedom to live how I see fit, including spending time with family and friends. Selling furniture pays all my day to day costs but has also helped launch other endeavors as well. I have been able to purchase several houses, one being my personal home and the others as rental property. My Youtube channel was also launched with a goal of sharing my experience of making and selling furniture. This kitchen island was made from lumber salvaged from my personal home throughout its renovation. The sale earned me enough money to pay for the entire drywall job in the house. I truly enjoy the connected nature of my various business ventures. One of my greatest joys of it all is bringing these videos to you. They are both enjoyable for me to make and share but create more income opportunities as well. With this video, I am offering a set of woodworking plans. The plans consist of pen and ink drawings, text and dimensions that are necessary to build this island. The plans are 15 pages, not including the cover. This marks the 4th set of plans available on the website. Other plans include a farm table, farmhouse bench, and a trestle table. You can see all of the available plans here- If you would like a little help getting a furniture business started, I have written an ebook on the topic and working on more now. Check out what is available here-

If you would like to see some of the houses that I work on and salvage lumber from, check out my other channel "Homemade Home".