Crafting your own furniture is very satisfying, not only do you get to design and build it the exact way you want, you get to use it as well, sharing it with family and friends in your home. This simple bench is a design that any able-bodied person can build with only a few tools. This bench pairs perfect with my farm table design and has specific dimensions to fit along with standard one foot increments. You can also use the bench along a wall, as a coffee table, to display items and so much more. Thanks for having a look and good luck with your projects!

Here's the full build video, enjoy!

All 10 pages of the plans are filled with hand drawn diagrams and sketches. All of the views and dimensions are present to build the bench exactly as it is shown in the photos and video. If you find your self with any questions, just email me at

Are you a woodworker with a small business like me, working out of your garage, basement or small shop? Feel free to use these plans to make and sell this bench. By clicking “Buy Now” you except that woodworking is dangerous and that no one but you is responsible for any injury that results from using these plans. Use safety equipment and properly use tools. I also ask that my plans are not resold or used in a way that locally competes with my furniture business. If you’re nearby, you know. The payment is processed through PayPal. You can use a PayPal account or pay by card. Thank you for your interest.

This bench pairs perfect with my farm table design.

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